Who Killed the Walker Family? : The Tragic and Unsolved case of the Walker Family murders

Roy Brown
2 min readMay 12, 2020

Who Killed the Walker Family? That is the question that echos since the true crime book: “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote was published in 1965, as Perry Edward Smith and Richard Hickock had murdered the Clutter family in November of 1959 but did they kill another Family?

On December 19th, 1959: The entire Walker Family was shot to death as the suspect left the home, Christine walker was home at the time of the attack to fight off her attackers as police believe that she was raped and shot, her husband; Cliff Walker was also shot as he came home along with their three year old son Jimmie and Debbie, who was two years old was drowned in the family’s bathtub. The Suspects had left the Walker Family with no remorse and a family dead.

The bodies were found by Daniel McLeod; Cliff’s co-worker from the ranch that Cliff worked at as McLeod was going hunting with Cliff. As the crime scene was examined by Investgators from the Saratosta County Sheriff’s office, several key items were missing from the Walker Family Home.

Items such as: Thier Marriage Certificate, Mrs. Walker’s High School Majoritte Uniform and A Pocketknife that belonged to Cliff but evidence was also recovered from the scene this included bloody heels that belonged to Christine and several bloodied clothes.

Police interveiwed and interogratted suspect after suspect but still no leads, one promising suspect was a serial killer named Emmett Monre Spencer as he wrote a confession to the murders but was dismissed as he was a prolific liar, a month earlier; the Clutter family was killed in thier home in Kansas, Perry Smith and Rcihard Hickock had sunk into the Clutter family home and shot them, this was same way that entire Walker Family was killed.

After Smith and Hickock’s arrests in Las Vegas and charged with the murder of the Clutter Family, this murder case had captured that nation’s attention and Truman Capote’s too as the Clutter Family case made a headline in the Kansas news

As Perry Smith and Richard Hickock had taken a ploygraph test and passed, as Capote interviewed them, not a metion of the Walker Family until 1965 when “In Cold Blood” was published, in a paragraph in the book. The Walker Family was finally metioned and the nation finally knows about the case.

Now here comes the question: Who killed them? I personally think that Emmett Monre Spencer killed them as he confessed but the evidence against him that he is a prolific lair, but the fact that he confessed could serve that he could’ve had known more that what we think.

Perry Smith and Richard Hickock were hanged in 1965 but have never confessed to the Walker Family Murders.

The Bodies of Perry Smith and Richard Hickock were exumed to test DNA in Connection to the Case but was proved indeterminable.

The Unsolved case of the Walker Family murders will probabley stay unsolved as tragic as it sounds,